Diane Webster BMus (Jazz), AIRMT, GradDipTchg

Musician - Composer - Arranger - Educator


Diane uses Sibelius 7 and Cubase 5 for all of her compositions.  Below is a selection of her work  with descriptions and points of inspiration included underneath. Many of these pieces are available for purchase on my Audiojungle page. If you would like to discuss a project with Diane, please feel free to email details through.


In the Air Where Travellers Dare To Go

Keywords: Air, Epic, Moods, Travelling, Orchestral, Choral, Adventure, RPG, roleplaying games, Zelda, Pokemon, Fantasy

BPM: 100 at intro, 135 from bar 9.

This piece is my tribute to the adventure games that I used to play as a child.  It was originally meant to have a steampunk influence which somewhat remains with the use of the chime but as I continued writing, the composition almost took on a life of its own as you can hear it travelling through several different scenes.   



Keywords: Ambient, Background, Horror, Dramatic, Minor

BPM: 120

I was asked to compose some music for an independent survival-horror game.  I felt that my compositions were starting to get too crowded with too many intertwining melodies so I scaled things right back with just a chord sequence, melody and counter-melody. I spent some time trying to make the choir sound realistic. Overall I’m happy with the main melody and the background ambient noise. 


Steampunk in Limbo (revisited)

Keywords: Sad, Minor, Solo Piano, Resolute

BPM: 90

After writing Steampunk in Motion, I wanted to compose a variation on a theme which is how this piece came to be (also how it got its seemingly unrelated title). The main melody is loosely based on the A theme from Steampunk in Motion. I wanted to try and create a realistic piano sound using the VSTs I had available to me and then decided to double the part on glockenspiel to give a music-box effect. I would like to record this piece live to give a more emotional performance. 


Hit Me!

Keywords: Jazz, Contemporary, Menu screen music?

BPM: 110

This quirky piece came to me as I was imagining what kind of music a sports game would have.  I went for traditional instruments and a jazz-style chord progression with some rhythmic and harmonic interest added at 0’48. Indeed, I would like to record this with a live band and have some improvising over the sequence.  It was my first successful attempt adding drums into Cubase. I may need to find a better guitar VST though.